Autumn Exhibition 2022

Photographs, Pieces & Pots

October 8th-23rd 2022 

then by appointment to 15th December

daily 11am- 5.30 pm

The Gallery will open according to the rules governing the corona virus pandemic. We do have the space for social distancing. All pieces in the exhibition can be viewed and purchased on line. We have a click and collect arrangement and also pieces can be delivered. 01206729334 /07901918046

Exhibiting Artists


Kate Allsop
Ed Begley
Alex Bonney
Diane Butcher
Lucinda Douglas-Menzies
Daniel Farson 1927-1997
Caroline Fraser
Phillip Fujii
Nigel Green
Nicholas Hardinge 1927-2005
Nikki Hazelton
Richard Hayward
Anne Hickmott
Claudia Legge
Lee Miller 1907 –1977
Angus  McBean 1904-1990
Noel Myles
Lara Platnum
Den Phillips
Julie Sleaford
Rachel Spender
Humphrey Spender 1910-2005
A Lincoln Taber
Chrissie Westgate
Andrew Whittuck

Pieces & Pots

Jane Cox
Pru Green
Rob Wheeler

Stuart Anderson
Dido Crosby
Lucy Kinsella
Jocelyn Magnus
Carl Newman
Simon Smith

Daphne Roche

Emsie Sharp

Will Bishop

Caroline Fraser
Summer storm
Lucinda Douglas-Menzies
Eileen Agar
Caroline Fraser
Conservation piece 1