Spring Exhibition 2023

Small Paintings Group

1st-16th April 2023

then by appointment until 15th May

daily 11 am – 5.30 pm

In 1989, in a conversation at the Chelsea Arts Club, with Peter Peterson RBA, Sandra Pepys (then chair of the Society of Landscape Painters), Dennis Gilbert NEAC, Cinzia Bonada RBA and others, it was mentioned that many of them often painted small scale works and that it would be a good idea if there were a forum for exhibiting such works. The potential membership was discussed and a shortlist of names agreed on and the Small Paintings Society – subsequently renamed the Small Paintings Group – was founded.

It was agreed to approach Duncan Miller at his then gallery in Hampstead (now in Bury Street SW1) and he welcomed the idea to include only small paintings. The inaugural exhibition of the Small Paintings Group was at the Duncan Miller Gallery, 17 Flask Walk, Hampstead NW3 starting on the 1st of December 1991. It was composed of some thirty painters from many of the exhibiting societies including a number of Royal Academicians, and these formed the founding membership of the Group. Membership is limited to a maximum of 35 artists.

Paintings exhibited with the SPG are limited to 12″ by 12″ or 144 square inches in area and may be in any medium. Although many of our members also work on a much larger scale, the discipline involved in making small and intimate paintings demands a conciseness and directness all of its own and their affiliation to the Small Paintings Group reflects their appreciation of a forum where they can exhibit their smaller ‘cabinet’ sized paintings in sympathetic company in different venues across the country.

These smaller works also have the advantage of fitting comfortably into the modern domestic environment where space may be limited – although, it is said, for the true collector a lack of space should never be a deterrent to adding to their collection!

Since its inauguration The Group has had over fifty exhibitions in London, Southern and Southeast England and also Jersey. Galleries include Piers Feetham Gallery, Fulham; the Russell Gallery, Putney; the Edmund Gallery, Suffolk; Wimbledon Fine Art; Chappel Galleries, Colchester; the Jerram Gallery, Sherborne; Geedon Gallery, Essex; Century Fine Art, Datchet; Highgate Contemporary Art and several others.

www.geedongallery.co.uk 01206 729334 /07901 918046

Exhibiting Artists

  • Annie Boisseau RBA
  • Cinzia Bonada RBA
  • Frances Bowyer RWS NEAC
  • Liz Butler RBA
  • Joyce Cairns PRSA RSW
    Hon RBA MA (RCA)
  • Jane Corsellis NEAC RWS
  • John Crossley RWS
  • Louise Diggle PS
  • Judith Gardner RBA NEAC
  • Charlotte Halliday NEAC
  • Ann Heat RBA
  • Jill Leman RBA PRWS
  • Martin Leman RBA
  • Caroline McAdam Clark RWS
  • Christopher Miers RBA
  • Bridget Moore RBA
    James Parfitt
  • John Paul
  • Richard Pikesley PPNEAC
  • Salliann Putnam RWS NEAC
  • Barbara Richardson RBA
  • Justine Smith
  • Richard Sorrell NEAC RBA
  • Linda Sutton RCA
  • Jacqueline Taber RBA
  • Nick Tidnam PPRBA NEAC
  • Anne Wright RBA


  • Prue Cooper
  • Sophie MacCarthy
  • Robina Taplin


  • Alison Stockmarr


  • Will Bishop


  • Richard Allen SWA
  • Richard Bawden NEAC
  • James Dodds
  • Robert Greenhalf SWA
  • Anne Hickmott
  • Jane Hunter
  • Vicky Oldfield RBA
  • Graham Rust


  • Stuart Anderson
  • John Doubleday
  • Mel Fraser
  • Carl Newman
  • Patricia Northcroft
  • Stephanie Rubin
  • Simon Smith


  • Richard Chapman
  • Marilyn Davies
  • Georgy Metichian
  • Nicholas Rowe
  • Jeff Soan